You can manage your team's time off requests made from within Assembled in multiple ways.

1) Receive a time off request

As the team manager, you will receive an email notification whenever a teammate requests time off:

Within this email, you will find details to help you action the request:

  • The name of the requester

  • The date or time range of the request

  • The type of time off

  • A reason for the request (if entered by the requester)

  • Additional information that will help you make a decision [0]

Both you and the time off requester are included on the email notification, so feel free to correspond on the request with your teammate directly on the email thread.

2) Make an approval or denial decision

When you're ready to make a decision, click through either the "Approve" or "Deny" link in the original email and you will be sent to the time off request within Assembled to finalize your response.

If you Approve a request, you and your teammate will receive a confirmation email and your teammate's Assembled calendar will automatically reflect the accepted request.

If you choose to Deny a request, you can also include a denial reason. Your teammate and you will receive an email detailing the reason for the denial.

3) Manage other outstanding requests

If at any time you'd like to view all outstanding time off requests, you can view them here:

[0] For now, we include the number of time off requests that have an overlapping time range with the current request in the "Additional Information" section.

In the near future, we expect to add even more information to help you make smarter decisions including:

  • Number of days off the teammate has already taken

  • The staffing surplus or deficit for the time off range

  • The time off balance available to the teammate.

Feel free to reach out to [email protected] if you have any suggestions for us.

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