As an Agent, you can submit a time off request in a few places, directly from within Assembled. Your manager(s) will then receive a notification with your request and can approve or deny it.

Where to request time off:

  • In the My Schedule time off can be requested by clicking 'Request time off' in the upper right hand corner

  • In the Staffing Timeline you can also click the 'Request time off' button, just above the team's schedule

How to fill out the time off request

  • Duration: If you're taking entire day(s) off, make sure you have the "All-day event" checkbox selected. If you're only taking off a select amount of hours, uncheck "all-day event". This will allow you to set start and end times within a specific day. This can be useful when you'd like to request only part of a day off (e.g. for a dentist's appointment).

  • Start: What date and/or time your time off request will start

  • End: What date and/or time your time off request will end

  • Time Off Type: Time off type will indicate which time off event this request is associated with. The time off Events will already pre-populate based on your set up

  • Reason: Reason is a free text field that allows you to provide context on your time off request

  • Send to: Send to allows you to select a manager or administrator to send your time off request to

Submitting your request

Once you submit your time off request, you and your manager(s) will receive an email with details of your request so that you can coordinate as needed. They can then approve or deny the request via the link included in the email notification.

If your request is approved, you will receive a confirmation email and your Assembled calendar will be updated during the time off period with events of the time off type.

If your request is denied, you will receive an email detailing the reason for the denial.

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