Creating schedules in Assembled is done by adding a block of time for an Event to an Agent or team's calendar. Assembled has a number of features to make adding and editing events easy!

Selecting an Event

Clicking on a blank cell, brings up a menu. Use the start and end inputs or the common durations buttons to set the time of the Event. Next, select an Event type and use Enter or the Create Event button to input the Event onto the schedule.

Add an Event with drag to create

Events can also be added by dragging across a time range to set the length of the Event. The same menu as before will pop up after you've finished dragging, which you can use to set different fields.

Setting a default Event type

If a default Event type is selected in the top left, the Event will be automatically placed on the schedule when a blank cell or drag to create is selected. This is more efficient if you're creating multiples of the same type of Event.

Adding an Event for multiple Agents

Following the steps above, you can use the Add Multiple Agents action under 'Create Options', which will bring up a separate form to select all the Agents you want to add the Event for. This can be used to quickly schedule a meeting for multiple people!

Copying events between Agents:

If multiple Agents have the same schedule, it is not necessary to enter them all manually. After creating the events for the first Agent, events can be copied and applied to other Agents.

You can copy and paste an entire row, or a subset of events in a row, on both the daily and weekly view.


Events can be copied in a few different ways:

  • Right click on a single event and select “Copy”. This copies the clicked Event.

  • On the weekly view, right click on an Event and select “Copy day”. This will copy all Events in the clicked day.

  • Click on the Agent name to bring up the Agent dropdown, then select “Copy row”. This will copy all Events in the row.

  • Cmd-click to select multiple Events in a row, then right click and select “Copy”. These Events do not need to be contiguous.

There are two types of pasting: paste and paste row. Pasting can be done in the row for any Agent.


Paste is found by right-clicking within the staffing timeline. When clicking within the timeline, paste will apply the copied event relative to the clicked cell. For example, if you copy an event at 12PM and paste it by clicking 3PM in another Agent’s row, the pasted event will start at 3PM. Pasting also preserves the offset within the cell. If you copy an event at 12:30PM (where the cell starts at 12PM), and paste it by clicking 3PM, the pasted event will start at 3:30PM.

On the weekly view, this enables the entire day’s schedule to be copied to a different day, while maintaining original times. If events start at 8:00AM on Monday for one agent, and you copy that entire day, pasting that day on Tuesday for a different agent will create the same set of events, starting at 8 am.

Paste Row

Paste Row is found in the dropdown to the right of an Agent’s name, and it is used when you want the pasted events to have the exact same start times as the copied Events. If you copy two Events starting at 4:00am and 2:00PM, those Events will be pasted at 4:00am and 2:00PM. On the weekly view, Paste Row maintains the day as well as the times - copied Events on a Monday will always be pasted to Monday at the same time.

Copy and paste example: within a day

Copy and paste example: within a week


  • We have Undo and Redo buttons at the lower left hand side in case you want to revert to any changes

  • After adding all desired Events to the Schedule, make sure you click Save to commit the changes

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