Events are the blocks of time you use to schedule your team. In Assembled we categorize events in three ways

  1. Default- Default Event types, also known as Non-productive, are Events that are not related to a channel your team supports; i.e. meetings, 1:1, project time, breaks or lunch

  2. Time off- Time off are things like vacation, holiday or sick time and are associated to time off requests an Agent can submit

  3. Productive- Productive events are Events that are associated to a channel your team supports and will impact your required staffing

No support team’s schedule is identical and we built Assembled such that you can customize the type of Events that appear on your team schedule! That said, when first logging into the platform you'll be provided with a few Events already created:

You can edit or delete any of these Events to meet your use case!

Creating a new Event:

  • Go to Settings > Events > New Event Type

  • You'll be prompted to fill out a form to create a new event

  • Once filled out, click 'Create' to save the Event

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