With our Google Calendar integration, you can view your Assembled schedule directly from Google Calendar. This is helpful for checking your upcoming plans at a glance.

To start, go to your My schedule and click the button labeled "Sync Google Calendar" in the upper right hand corner.

From there, you will be presented with two options: 

  1. Add events to your calendar: Each event that is created in Assembled will be copied to the calendar you select. Use this if you want everything in one place and/or if you want other teams to have visibility into your schedule for potential meetings.
  2. Create a secondary calendar: Assembled will create secondary calendar called "Assembled Calendar". Events will not be copied directly to your calendar.

If you've selected Add events to your calendar, you'll be prompted to authorize Assembled and selected an account to authorize.

Once you've completed this step, your events in Assembled will be synced to the calendar you selected.

If you've created a secondary calendar, you'll immediately see the Assembled Calendar available to select within "Other calendars".

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