There are four User roles to choose from when adding a new User to an Assembled account. Those roles are Administrator, Manager, Team Lead and Standard.

Each role impacts the visibility of pages and the actions a User can perform when in the Assembled Platform.

Permissions Per Role:


This User role is able to do everything a Manager can. Additionally, an Administrator:

  • Can manage integrations

  • Can add, edit or remove Users to the account

  • Can make changes to Account Settings

  • Can un-sync a User's Google calendar

  • Can make changes in the realtime dashboard regarding thresholds

  • Can view API keys in Settings


  • Can make changes to the schedule

  • Can manage time off

  • Can create, edit and apply templates

  • Cannot add, edit, or remove other Users on the account

  • Cannot make changes to account settings

  • Can view all reports

Team Lead:

  • Can view the staffing timeline and make edits to schedules

  • Cannot apply a template, but can edit templates

  • Has the ability to view time off, but cannot manage

  • Can view reports that do not contain Agent data or metrics


  • Typically the role you'd like to set for an Agent, who primarily views their own schedule or the team schedule

  • Can view their own schedule

  • Request time off

  • Can view the staffing timeline

  • If desired, permissions for making edits to the User's own schedule can be enabled. To do so, please contact us via the messenger or at [email protected]


  • Typically this role is used for vendors, who do not need to view the team's schedule or any reports

  • Can view their own schedule

  • Can view/edit their own account settings

  • Can request time off

How to change the role of an Assembled user:

  1. Navigate to Settings then Team

  2. Locate the user by name or email

  3. Click the three dots (...) at the far right of the table

  4. Select Edit from the drop down that appears

  5. Select a new Role in the menu that appears

  6. Save

Note: Currently it is not possible to downgrade a User's permissions if they are an Administrator--i.e. if someone is listed as an Administrator you cannot change their permissions to Manager, Team lead or Standard. Please reach out if you need assistance making this change

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