Whether you're checking to see who you're working with or when the team is under or overstaffed, you can see all schedules and staffing requirements by going to the Staffing timeline. 

This page by default will show the schedule of every Agent in Assembled. If you're looking to narrow down your view for a specific Channel, Team, Site or Queue you can do so by applying a filter. If you prefer to see one specific, filtered view by default you can set that up by going to Settings > account and setting a default Channel, Site, Queue and Team.

Using the staffing timeline to set up meetings:

If you need to schedule a meeting or a break, you can easily see what time would be best for your agents by identifying which hours you are under or overstaffed. 

When on the Staffing Page, select the Agents tab and you'll be able to view when your team is scheduled as a bar graph. In this view, green represents the times your team is overstaffed and red represents when your team is understaffed.

By using this graph your team can make informed decisions on if a break or meeting is a good idea during that time of day. This graph is generated by combining your forecast and configured SLAs.

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