If you have coordinated a shift swap with a teammate or if a teammate has agreed to cover one of your scheduled Events, you can easily track and make these changes in Assembled. 

How to:

  • Navigate to 'My Schedule'

  • Click on "Swap Shifts" in the top right corner

Note: You can also select "Swap Shifts" when viewing the staffing timeline just above your team's schedule.

  • Select yourself or another agent in the drop down to view their schedule

  • Choose which Event you'd like to swap

  • Select either "Request an exchange" if you are swapping shifts with a teammate or "Request a cover" if a teammate is covering this shift

  • Click "Confirm Event"

  • Click "Submit Changes"

Once you have submitted the request, the teammate you selected to swap/cover will be notified via email. This teammate will need to accept the change before any changes are made to the live schedule. 

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