The Forecasted vs. Actual report provides a powerful supplement to the native metrics provided by most contact platforms, including Zendesk, Intercom, Kustomer, and Salesforce. The report provides a single place for you to connect bottom-line metrics like service level and response time with inputs like volume and net staffing.

The available metrics vary by platform and include:

Service Level

Percentage of cases where the calculated First Response Time is within the configured Target Response Time

Service Level — Missed, Service Level — Met

Number of cases where First Response Time was above or below the configured Target Response Time

Cases Opened
Number of cases created within a given interval

Cases Reopened

Number of distinct cases that changed from a closed status (e.g. "pending", "closed" or "solved") to an open status (e.g. "open" or "new"). These statuses can be customized by contacting us at [email protected]

Cases Solved

Number of distinct cases that changed status from an open status to a closed status, analogous to Cases Reopened

Contacts Received

For real-time channels, the number of calls, chats, or texts (depending on the specific channel) created within a given interval

First Response Time

Amount of time elapsed between when a case or contact was created and when the team first responded. Cases or contacts with no response are ignored

Handle Time

Average duration of a given contact started within a given interval. For example, for the Phone channel, this indicates the average amount of time of calls

Scheduled Staffing

Number of agents scheduled to a productive event

Required Staffing

Number of agents required based on Assembled's forecasts and your configurations, as described here

Net Staffing

Difference between Scheduled Staffing and Required Staffing

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