Bring all of your support data sources together in one place to create an eagles-eye view of your support operation.

Keep track of key metrics

Display key metrics for each channel, optionally broken out by queue. Each panel displays metrics such as active contacts, wait times, service levels, response times, and more.

Configuring panels

Use the gear icon on the upper right hand side of the page to customize the panels that you see. You can change the channels and queues displayed or the ordering of the panels. Adding a queue will display only metrics for the specified channel and queue.

Configuring thresholds

Each metric can have a threshold set to alert when it is above or below a specified value. This is useful when you want a different visual display when a metric is better or worse than expected.

To configure the thresholds for a particular metric, hover over the information icon for the metric. You'll see information about the metric and any thresholds that are already set. Click on the gear icon to edit these thresholds.

You can update the number of thresholds and set each threshold. In the example below, Assembled will show the warning color of orange if the number of tickets opened today is between 10 and 25 and will show the danger color of red if the number of tickets opened is greater than or equal to 25.

Keep track of your agents

With live-updating agent states, you can quickly see the number of agents who are "Online" or "Away" and reconcile scheduled events with actual metrics and agent activity. Assembled pulls agent state data directly from your contact platform, so the names of the different states will depend on your platform.

Note: If agents don't appear to be mapping between your contact platform and Assembled and are showing as "Please connect agent profile", check to make sure

  • Emails match between your contact platform and Assembled

  • Those users are not admins in Zendesk

Set up agent state mappings

Assembled provides adherence information for any mapped agent who is scheduled for a productive activity. This excludes agents who are currently scheduled for time off or non-productive activities (e.g. Out of Office or Lunches/Breaks).

Adherence information is based off the agent state mappings configured in your Agent State Settings page.

Assembled attempts to automatically map agents from all platforms, but you may occasionally need to manually map an agent using your contact platform's agent id by clicking on the Please connect agent profile link.

Note: For Zendesk Chat, there is a 5-minute delay from their API to update agent states. I.e. We’re only able to retrieve Zendesk Chat states older than 5 minutes. So at 6 pm, for example, we can only know what happened as of 5:55 pm.

For more information on understanding the Realtime overview be sure to check out this article!

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