The Agent Performance report provides detailed information on your team’s past performance with meaningful team-level and individual agent data. The report combines data across all of your different channels and contact platforms, but allows you to filter by Channel, Queue, Team, or Skill. Team leads and administrators can dive deep into schedule adherence and productivity metrics for the team as a whole or for individual agents.

Filtering, Grouping, and Comparing

The Agent Performance Report allows you to filter agents and metric averages by Channel, Queue, Team, or Skill. This makes it easy to compare an agent with the specific subset of agents that they work closely with.

Clicking on any of the graphs at the top of the report page will allow you to compare a specific agent against the team average, where the average is calculated based on the filters that you have selected.

Key Agent Metrics

The Agent Performance Report focuses on a number of performance metrics for agents. These are

  • Cases solved: The number of cases that were solved by a particular agent. Depending on the platform, cases can variously correspond to chats, emails, phone calls, etc.

  • Average handle time: The average amount of time that an agent spends handling a case. For most synchronous channels, such as chat, phone, and sms, Assembled will provide average handle times based on the time spent responding to a ticket. Assembled does not yet provide average handle times for email.

  • Adherence: The percentage of time that an agent was working what they were assigned to be working during a particular period of time. Assembled uses the agent state mapping to determine what agent states a particular agent was supposed to be working.

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