The Assembled App for Zendesk helps your team to stay on task by making individual and team schedules directly visible within the ticket sidebar and top bar. Agents can also receive real-time notifications on changes to their schedule along with reminders for upcoming events.

How do I add the Assembled App in Zendesk?

  1. Find the Assembled listing in the Zendesk App Directory and click Install.

2. Select which roles or groups you want to have access to the app. If you want all Zendesk agents to have access to Assembled, leave the boxes unchecked.

3. After you click Install, you should see Assembled installed alongside other apps.

4. Once you've installed the app, agents will be able to see their individual schedule and the team's schedule from Assembled in the top navigation bar and ticket sidebar of Zendesk.

Note: Your support team must already be using Assembled to create and manage your team's schedules. If you don't have an Assembled account set up, please request a demo and we'll help you get started!

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