What are holidays and why do they matter?

Holidays have the potential to significantly affect forecasted contact volumes, impacting required headcount. I.e. Some customers experience a surge in contacts surrounding specific holidays (like Black Friday) or a decrease on days when most consumers take the day off (like Christmas).

How do we forecast for the holidays?

Assembled automatically forecasts for holidays by analyzing trends from the previous year's data.

Example: If Black Friday had 10X more contacts than the four Fridays preceding last year, Assembled will predict that Black Friday this year will also have 10X the number of contacts in comparison to the average of the last four Fridays. Check out the breakdown below.

Last year (2019):

  • Average of the 4 Fridays preceding Black Friday 2019: 10

  • 2019 Black Friday (11/29): 100

This year (2020):

  • Average of the 4 Fridays preceding Black Friday 2020: 20

  • 2020 Black Friday volume prediction: 200

Assembled will run a similar analysis on the days surrounding each holiday and will distribute the total volume on those days based on arrival pattern trends.

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