With the Agent Activity report, you now have visibility and daily historical data into each agent's adherence. With this report you can view an agent's scheduled events, compared to the state they were in, to see when they were in or out of adherence.

What are Agent States?

Agent States are described as what an agent can be doing at any given time and are pulled from your integrated contact platform. In Assembled, you can map these Agent States to scheduled events to help determine if an agent is in or our of adherence. Adherence is defined by if an agent is doing what they're scheduled to be doing. If you haven't set up your Agent States yet, check out this article!

Reading the Agent Activity report

At the top of the Agent Activity report, you can filter by Channel, Queue, Site, Skill, and Team. Using these filters will narrow down which agent you'd like to show for the report. Once an agent is selected, you can then choose which day you'd like to review.

The report will show:

  • Agent's daily adherence percentage

  • Scheduled events

  • A break down of each individual state the agent is in (pulled directly from your contact platform) per minute

  • A breakdown showing if an agent was in or out of adherence to the minute

The schedule row shows what event an agent was scheduled for during a specific time

The Kustomer row (in general, this will be any contact platform you have connected) shows which Agent State an agent was in.


  • If you have multiple platforms connected to Assembled, an agent would be in adherence as long as the Agent State and event combination passes for at least one of the platforms

  • If there isn't an Agent State for that time a blank space will show on the report. Some contact platforms have an explicit state for this like "offline", while others don't, causing the blank state

The adherence row shows if an agent was in or out of adherence

  • Green indicates an agent was in adherence

  • Red indicates an agent was out of adherence

Expected states will show which Agent States an agent would need to be in to have registered as in adherence

Blank spaces in the adherence row means that the event was non-productive, in which case we do not calculate schedule adherence.


  • Adherence is calculated using the events on the staffing timeline, so if the event changes, adherence will change. The Agent Activity report is always calculated at the time of loading the page, so the report should update immediately! On the other hand, the Agent Performance report is calculated once a day, so it will take a day to update.

  • The Zendesk Chat API has a 5-minute delay. This means adherence might be slightly off for Zendesk chat until that 5-minute delay catches up!

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