The People page is where you can add, edit, invite or delete relevant team members in Assembled. You can manage their filters and permissions as well as dictate whether or not they can be scheduled on the staffing timeline.

What's new?

Previously, everyone in Assembled was categorized as either an Agent (those for whom you're creating a schedule) or a User (anyone who can log into and access your data within Assembled). To make things easier, we're referring to both groups as...People!

Staffable vs. not staffable

On the People page, you can indicate if a person is "staffable" or "not staffable". Turning "staffable" on for someone will allow you to build out a schedule for them.

Permissions and roles

We've also introduced "Basic" permissions, which limits access (viewing schedule and account settings) for those you select.

Select attributes to display

You can now select the attributes that display in your view.

How to add People into Assembled:

There are three ways to add People into Assembled:

  1. You can manually add People in Assembled by clicking "+ add" in the top right corner of your page. You can also use the keyboard shortcut "N

  2. If you've connected your contact platform, you can add People directly from Zendesk, Intercom, or Kustomer by clicking "+ add," then "Add from Intercom"

  3. You can bulk upload People via CSV by clicking "+ add," then "Import from CSV"


  • If adding People via your contact platform, their role in Zendesk, Intercom, or Kustomer will impact their permissions in Assembled. I.e., a person listed as an admin in Zendesk will be an Admin in Assembled, and a person listed as standard or agent in Zendesk will be standard in Assembled.

  • You can also add People into the platform for setting up without inviting them to Assembled and invite them later by using the bulk invite option (top right).

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