We take the heavy lifting in determining how many people you need to staff at any given interval. Through Assembled, we help you calculate how many people you need to staff per channel using your forecast, your performance targets and team productivity metrics.

A couple of things to note:

  • You can change these targets and metrics through the Configure button in the Staffing Timeline. 
  • The configuration is customizable to each channel - you can set different targets or metrics for chat, email and phone. 
  • Test Scenario allows you to see how this configuration affects forecasts and requirements without applying the changes. This test scenario is visible only to the user who made the changes. 
  • When the configuration is complete, click Set Baseline to apply the changes and generate an updated set of forecasts and requirements, which will be visible across the entire account.

Helpful Definitions 

Service Level: The percentage of contacts who receive a response within the designated Service Level Threshold.

Service Level Threshold: The target response time, in seconds, for determining the Service Level (this is set to hours for email)

Average Handle Time (AHT): Average duration of a contact, in minutes. 

Concurrency: On average, the number of simultaneous contacts an agent can handle.

Shrinkage: The percentage of time lost during productive periods. Some helpful shrinkage benchmarks are 30-50% for internal support teams and 20-30% for BPOs/ call centers. Use a higher shrinkage number if lunches and breaks are not included in the schedule.

Forecast Multiplier: Factor by which forecasted contact volume is multiplied. We generally do not recommend adjusting this unless you want to increase / decrease the forecast for the whole week for the channel. 

Email Productivity: The average number of email contacts handled per agent, per hour.

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