Templates are a convenient way to save a range of events and apply them to the schedule for future dates. This is a big time saver if your schedule mostly stays the same day-to-day or week-to-week. 

You can create many templates, which is extremely handy when scheduling is decentralized across multiple sites, teams or queues. This allows each group the flexibility to manage their own template, without affecting the template of other groups. 

Saving a Template

  1. Go to the daily or weekly schedule that you want to save as a template. Note: the template will save the schedule based on the filters applied. Please make sure you are choosing the right schedule to save as a template. 
  2. Select Templates > Save Template - this will prompt you to input the following: 

  • Title: The desired title for the Template.
  • Description: A short description of the Template.
  • Interval: Length of time you want to save the schedule as a template (e.g. day, week or month)
  • Date Range: Time period in which you are saving the schedule as a templateDefine the specific time frame for the Events to save into the Template.
  • Events to Save: All events means that you will save it for all agents; Subset of Events means that you can save the schedule for specific channel / queue / site / team. 
  • Timezone: this should be the default time zone your staffing timeline is in. We would not recommend changing this part.

Applying a Template

Select Templates > Apply Template. This will bring up a modal that allows you to select a template to apply and how events are applied to future periods. 

  • Repeats: Use “does not repeat” if you want to apply the template one-off; otherwise select “repeats”
  • Date range: Select the time period you want the template to be applied to
  • Event conflicts: allows you 2 different options around how you want any conflicts to be applied. 
  • Keep Manually edited events - this will delete any events created from a previous template and apply the new template; but keep any PTO or manually inputted events in the future schedule
  • Replace all events - this will override all events (including any PTO or manually inputted events)

Editing a Template

You can manage your templates and edit any previously saved templates here. 

  1. Click on a template that you want to edit
  2. Once inside the template you can click Edit to change the title or description. You can also delete the template. 
  3. You can add / remove / update events in the template. Similar to the staffing timeline, make sure to select Save at the bottom left side of the template. 
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