No support team’s schedule is identical and we built Assembled such that you can customize the type of events that appear on your team schedule!

1. To create a new type of event, go to Settings > Events > New Event Type: 

2. Fill out the form with information about your event:

  • Name: name of the event (e.g. Lunch, Paid Time Off)
  • Short Name: shortened version of the event that will appear on the schedule (e.g. L for Lunch, PTO for Paid Time Off)
  • Font Color and Background Color: drag the slider to customize how event types will display. If you need help picking a color scheme, we've found Coolors to be helpful
  • Staffing Attributes: allow events to be treated differently in certain workflows and reporting. Selecting "Time off" will mean that the event type is selectable when requesting time off. Selecting "Productive" will mean that the event type counts towards a selectable set of channels in reporting.
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