You can manage the agents in the team roster in the left hand side of the site. 

In order to be listed in the staffing timeline, the person would need to be added as an agent. 

  1. Selecting + Add Agent opens up the following modal

Required Information:

  • Name
  • Channels: the channels the agent can be staffed towards

Optional / can be filled out later:

  • Email
  • Site: location of the agent
  • Queues: specialization of the agent
  • Teams: reporting structure for the agent
  • Start Date 
  • End Date

2. You can also select "Create new user" to kill two birds with one stone and add an agent and user at the same time.
Note: An agent is someone who can be scheduled in the staffing timeline and a user is someone who can log in to Assembled. For e.g. you might have an outsourced provider whose schedules you want to see against your in-house team, but not necessarily have them be a user of Assembled. 

Bulk-adding agents

If you have many agents to add, let us know via your shared slack channel or through [email protected] and we can enable an upload button for you to import a CSV of agents.

Bulk-editing agents

Selecting the bulk edit button enables you to make changes to team / queues / site allocations of multiple agents in one click.

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