You may want to check all schedules to see who is working with you or to check when the team is under/overstaffed. 

In order to see all schedules go to the Staffing Page

This page will show the schedule of every teammate at the company, so you may need to apply a filter for your specific queue, team, or site.

  • Queues - indicates a specialization or different types of work (e.g. sales vs risk)
  • Team - use this for distinguishing different team reporting structures
  • Site - indicate the different regions / countries / cities your teams are located in 

Use Case: Setting Up Meetings

If you need to schedule a meeting or a break, you can easily see what time would be best by identifying which hours are over/understaffed. 

Once you are logged into the Staffing Page, be sure you are in the Agents tab.

You’ll notice that there are times in the day with a surplus of teammates (green) or a deficit of teammates (red). 

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