Because Assembled integrates with Google calendar and Slack, you have the ability to receive schedule updates/notifications in Slack. 

The following setup will enable notifications (like the one below). 

Setup your Calendar & Slack

To start, make sure that Assembled is synced to your Google Calendar. Note: Be sure that you are synced to your calendar directly (not syncing to a secondary calendar). 

Next, you'll enable Slack to notify you when a calendar event is coming up.

  1. Add Google Calendar to your Slack account by following the instructions here
  2. You will be prompted to login to your Google Calendar and select your sharing options. 
  3. Once Slack has access to your Google calendar. Go into Slack and click on "Google Calendar" under the "Recent Apps" section.
  4. This is where you can "Turn On" notifications!

See what you have scheduled today/tomorrow

Once you've completed the above setup you'll alsohave the ability to see what's on deck today/tomorrow. 

Type "/gcal today" and "/gcal tomorrow"  into any open conversation in slack to see your schedule on the prospective day.

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