The Google Calendar ➡ Assembled integration allows you to sync events from Google Calendar into Assembled.

Setting up the Google Calendar Assembled integration

  • To get started, you'll need to reach out to [email protected], your onboarding specialist, or your CSM. There is a bit of backend magic ✨ required before you can take advantage of this functionality.

    • After the Google Calendar ➡ Assembled integration is enabled, we will provide you with a new team calendar. This special email will be structured as [email protected].

  • Once your special email is set up, head over to Teamwide Integrations, and expand "edit event mappings" under Google Calendar → Assembled.

  • Click "+ New Event Mapping" and add in the event mappings that work for your team


  • If the title of your Google Calendar event does not match any of your teamwide event mappings, we will default to what has been set as the default mapping.

For more information about setting up Google Calendar keyword mappings, please see this article.

How to sync events from Google Calendar Assembled:

  1. Start by creating a meeting within Google Calendar

  2. Make sure the Assembled provided email is added as a guest to the event

  3. Click "Save"!

After you finish creating the event, this meeting will automatically populate into Assembled. The syncing process should take a few minutes. If you're not seeing the event populate in your Assembled calendar, refresh the page!


  • Events that sync from Gcal ➡ Assembled will be read only events. I.e., any event changes/edits will need to be done within Gcal

  • In order for the event to sync properly, the Google email needs to match the email in Assembled.

  • We are unable to map Google Calendar ➡ Assembled if you are using a Google group or a Google alias email as the attendee list.

  • Recurring events will sync into Assembled for up to a year, after a year the invite will need to be recreated.

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