With Assembled your team has the ability to sync Google Calendar meetings with Assembled events. This article will walk you through the process of configuring how those meetings map to events within Assembled.

If you have not set up the Google Calendar ➡ Assembled Sync yet, please check out this article.

Setting up event mappings:

Default event mapping

Once you've integrated Google Calendar ➡ Assembled, you need to decide how meetings will sync into Assembled.

Assembled will automatically create a default event type for your team. The default event type means that if an event does not match any of the other rules that you have put in place, then it will be mapped to whichever event is set as the default.

You can easily edit the default event type by clicking the "Set default Event Mapping" button.

New event mapping

From here, you can create custom event mapping rules so that events from Google Calendar show up in Assembled in the way you expect!

Match method

  • We currently support four matching methods: is exactly, starts with, contains, and matches the pattern

    • Matches the pattern is an advanced feature that requires a little explanation. Matches the pattern supports a language called Regular expressions (often shortened to regex). It might seem scary, but it's just a sequence of characters that define a search pattern. You can experiment with creating search patterns here.


  • When setting up priorities remember that rules with higher priorities are applied 1st.

    • I.e., Using the example below, if a Google Calendar meeting is called "Team meeting," Assembled will sync to the event called "Private" because that rule has a higher priority.

Excluding Events

  • If there is a certain type of event that you want to make sure is excluded from the sync into Assembled - you can also create a rule that maps to [No Event].

    • Using the below example, this set of rules would map every Google Calendar event to "Meeting" in Assembled except Google Calendar events titled "Chat".

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